1990. Skateboarding was getting a massive facelift and the surgeons were a young breed of creatives who would carve it into something fresh—a reflection of what people wanted not what older brands marketed. Founded in 1990 by Matt Landon and Matt Pesci, 3d Innovations became an important cog in the East Coast’s evolution from a few pins on a map to defining street skating’s emerging culture. 3d tapped into the sea change by channeling the DIY ethos of hardcore punk into a new aesthetic informed by graffiti, subversive thought, and the drive to establish Boston, Massachusetts and its burgeoning scene as a hub for skateboarding.

Through the brand’s aesthetic and Landon’s store Hanger 18, 3d was able to do more than just give Boston the shine it deserved but be one of the key East Coast brands to start to thread things together. With a roster that included Robbie Gangemi, Jeff Pang, Matt Reason, Jahmal Williams, Mike Graham, Mike Kepper, Joey Pepper, and Brian Lotti throughout its initial run, 3d Innovations’ second full-length video Messin’ Around became a cult classic stocked in core shops around the US including a coveted spot behind the glass at Supreme.

Resurrected with the same ethos and verve, 3d Innovations and Landon are writing a new chapter in brand history, celebrating its heritage and expanding the vision with a new crop of co-conspirators. With New York City as the backdrop, 3d Innovations represents the roots that are still shaking things up.

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